Tylenol Autism

The Tylenol Autism Lawsuit

The Dugan Law Firm is filing lawsuits against retailers of Tylenol and generic acetaminophen for women who used the drug during pregnancy and whose child was diagnosed with autism, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or ADHD.

Over the past few years, many studies have looked into the health of pregnant women and their unborn children have found a significant link between individuals taking Tylenol or acetaminophen products and the unborn child developing autism and ADHD.

In 2018, the American Journal of Epidemiology published an article where researchers found that pregnant women who took Tylenol over an extended period of time had a 20% higher risk of autism and a 30% higher risk of ADHD in their unborn children.

Also, researchers at Johns Hopkins in 2019 measured the volume of acetaminophen in the blood of newborns.  They found a connection between the amount of acetaminophen in the blood and an increased likelihood of the child being diagnosed with ASD or ADHD.  Children whose umbilical cord blood contained the highest levels of acetaminophen were approximately three times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than those with the lowest levels.

Also, in a consensus statement published in the Nature Reviews Endocrinology, 2021, nearly 100 scientists and medical professionals shared their concerns about pregnant women using Tylenol.  The research indicated that Tylenol is not safe to take during pregnancy.  It also found that women taking acetaminophen while pregnant could lead to a higher chance of the child being diagnosed with ASD or ADHD.

Acetaminophen is an active ingredient which is used in several prescriptions and over the counter medications.  Studies have shown that acetaminophen from the mother’s blood can cross the placenta and enter the baby’s bloodstream.

In November 2022, a multi-district litigation was started and is being handled by Judge Cote in the Southern District of New York. As of May 2023, this litigation is in the discovery phase.

If you regularly used Tylenol or acetaminophen during your pregnancy and your child developed Autism, ASD or ADHD, you may be eligible for compensation from the responsible party. The Dugan Law Firm is here to fight for you.