Social Media Addiction Lawsuit

Social Media Addiction Lawsuit

As many of you know, social media is addictive especially when it comes to young adults and teenagers.  What you may not know is that social media is deliberately designed to be addictive.  This addiction can lead to physical and mental health issues such as eating disorders, self-harm and acts of suicide.

Social media lawsuits claim that Meta, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok knowingly build platforms using algorithms that are designed to entice young people into destruction addiction.

Our lawyers are investing cases on behalf of kid, parents and young adults:

  • Daily used social media before the age of 21
  • Suffered from self-harm, suicidal ideations, anorexia, bulimia, eating disorder and/or sexual exploitation and
  • Received treatment and/or counseling for the injury or condition

Nine out of ten teens use Facebook and/or Instagram, and spend an average of three hours a day on these platforms.  This exposure has long lasting negative effects on teens and what is the worst, the social media companies knew this.

Signs of social media addiction include:

  • Constant checking social media
  • Staying up late looking at social media
  • Anxiety related to extended breaks from or the inability to check social media
  • Spending less time with friends and family in person
  • Changes in personal relationships
  • Increased screen time
  • Struggling at work or school
  • Marked changes in mood and behavior

Tim Kendall, Facebook’s former director of monetization, stated that Facebook knowingly made its social media platform “as addictive as cigarettes.”  Kendall called Facebook “fundamentally addictive.” This same information was given by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, who testified before the U.S. Committee o Science, Commerce and Transportation on October 4, 2021.  She testified that Facebook leadership makes choices that harm children.  She stated that Facebook decision-makers “repeatedly encountered conflicts between its on profits and our safety” and “consistently resolved those conflicts in favor of its own profits. “Facebook became a $1 trillion company by paying for its profits with our safety, including the safety of our children,” Haugen said.

Whether you are personally struggling with social media action or you are taking care of a teen who has become addicted you should not have to handle this on your own.  Social media has created an epidemic and they should be the ones who are held responsible.  The Dugan Law Firm is here to fight for justice for you and/or your teens or young adults.

A multi-district litigation is pending in the Northern District of California, headed by Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers.

Call our law firm to start the process.  We are here to stand with you to fight for you and/or your teen or young adult.