Of Counsel



  • Authored dozens of memoranda of law and fact.
  • Responded to hundreds of interrogatories.
  • Worked with partners, associates, experts and independent contractors to meet extremely tight court imposed deadlines.
  • Communicated with thousands of class members to respond to questions relating to settlement
  • Reviewed millions of documents and recordings for responsiveness, privilege and confidentiality in high profile multibillion dollar class action cases including pharmaceutical, securities, product liability, fraud class action matters.
  • Drafted wills, living wills, power of attorneys and numerous other legal documents.
  • Attended court hearings to analyze potential witness performance in future litigation.
  • Researched corporate, class action, environmental and tort law, legislation and regulation.
  • Tried child custody, Protection from Abuse and child support cases.
  • Authored numerous letters to adverse counsel in the course of contract negotiations.
  • Negotiated, edited and drafted employment, service and real estate contracts on behalf of clients with high profile businesses.
  • Served as arbitrator in personal injury and breach of contract cases.


  • Unanimously elected Chairperson in 2013, 2014 and 2019 and Vice Chairperson in 2012, 2016 and 2018.
  • Reviewing, approving and managing expenditures of annual general fund budgets in excess $40 million and capital budgets ranging between $10-$20 million.
  • Conceived, crafted, reviewed and passed ordinances related to land use, zoning, telecommunications, human rights and a variety of other matters.
  • Greatly enhanced communication with approximately 30,000 constituents through monthly emails, an elected official Facebook page which has been updated at least once every day since October 20, 2013 and an ongoing series of YouTube videos called “5 Questions in 100 Seconds.”
  • Negotiated contracts and salaries with management, police/union and non-union employees and currently serving as trustee to the Pension Advisory Board.
  • Established a subcommittee which ultimately led to the purchase and preservation of land that became a new community and senior service center in 2016.
  • Created a college scholarship program college more affordable for Upper Merion families by conceiving the Board of Community Assistance scholarship program with a local business that to date has awarded more than $320,000.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of litigation against Upper Merion.
  • Invested heavily in trails and infrastructure to link parks and improve public safety.
  • Maintaining one of the lowest tax rates in entire region county due to significant municipal revenue growth.


UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI SCHOOL OF LAW J.D. Coral Gables, Florida 1995-1997

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND B.A. College Park, Maryland 1990-1995