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Pradaxa Blood Thinner Lawsuit

pradaxaA blood thinner used to prevent stroke in patients suffering from arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) when the cause is something other than a defective valve (such as hypertension heart disease), Pradaxa is the brand name for dabigatran.  Dabigatran is considered an alternative to warfarin (sold as Coumadin),  originally a type of rat poison that was first used on human patients in the 1950s to treat thrombosis  and embolism.

Dabigotran is classified as a “direct thrombin inhibitor.” It operates by preventing the enzyme responsible for blood clotting (thrombin) from functioning.

Pradaxa Litigation Information

Currently, this drug is being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration, though the authors of the above-referenced study continue to insist that for certain patients suffering from arrhythmia, the benefits outweigh the risks.

If you are a family member have suffered injuries due to the side effects of Pradaxa, please contact our law offices at the earliest opportunity.

Pradaxa Side Effects

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